Do not laugh! “I really can not see!”

Do not laugh! “I really can not see!”

Overseas: Kim Kardashian star’s black Balenciaga dress from head to toe is the most talked about at the Met Gala, with both dislikes and even lovers of the actress’ style.

In addition to the debate, it has been the subject of Kim’s clothing that has sparked countless memories of her and her sister Kendall Jenner on the red carpet with this picture.

However, images that continue to be shared of Kim’s hilarious actions raised her hand as model Kendall made a puzzled look at who was actually talking to her.

This photo was interpreted by fans, creatively based on their content, which was posted on social media, received constant support with funny words combined with the harmony with the image, making this photo real. Very popular on the internet.

However, this time, Sami came out to interpret this picture with what was happening when the photo was taken, showing that she really can not see through her face mask.

In addition, the four-year-old widow explained on her Instagram that Kendall was calling her name and she could not see who the one was talking about, but all she knew was that her shiny dress Kendall just made Kim recognize his sister.


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